Debrah Whelan Johnson
Debrah Whelan Johnson
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Coronavirus and the Entertainment Industry — Can It Weather the Storm?

Since the coronavirus found its way into the United States earlier this year, no industry has been left untouched. Uncertainty surrounding the virus has affected everyone, from business leaders to the finance sector to the [...]

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Food Insecurity Among College Students, an Issue Amplified by COVID-19

Photographs and videos depicting America's food insecurities have been projected all over the media these last few months. Mile-long lines of people gather outside of food banks waiting for a substantial meal. Then there's the [...]

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Technology that Could Make the Fight Against Hunger a Thing of the Past

Even today, the fight against hunger prevails on. This crisis isn't just about people not having access to an occasional meal, it's an incapacitating reality that trickles through entire generations. Malnutrition and chronic hunger are [...]

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